Although Leenie Rae Owner, Arlene Cook, has always had a passion for style and trends, owning a woman’s boutique was not a childhood dream of hers. Arlene’s first passion has always been education. If her father, Milton Henry Cook, were still with us, his opposing argument would be, “Her first passion is clothes shopping and has been since she could talk!” Although Arlene decided to enter the field of education instead of fashion, she still had a keen eye for styles and trends and remained a gifted shopper. After 25 years of working in various educational sectors and learning different aspects of business management, Arlene decided to invest in herself and open Leenie Rae. The name Leenie Rae is derived from ‘Leenie’, Arlene’s childhood nickname, and ‘Rae’, the middle name shared by her mother Toni Rae Cook, and daughter Sydney Rae Cook-Jeffris. Arlene thought the combination of the two names, which represent her past, present, and future, indirectly relates to fashion, which also combines past and present styles to create future styles and trends.